Our Tour

Relive the past, as you experience the rich architectural and cultural heritage of Falmouth via trolley.

The Falmouth Tour by trolley is designed to immerse visitors in the long rich history of Falmouth Town which dates back to over 200 years. In its heyday, Falmouth was known as the largest producer of sugar and the wealthiest port in the New World south of Charleston South Carolina. Falmouth boasts a rich Georgian architectural heritage that dates back to 18th century colonial Jamaica. The town was arguably one of the most industrial towns in the Western Hemisphere during the 18th and 19th centuries. It boasted a thriving commerce, with newspapers, hotels, and an active port. This idyllic township even had running water before the famed New York City.

The thirty minute tour will take you from the Port of Falmouth, through the town, pass the old Phoenix Foundry/Dome along Tharpe Street; so named after the young prolific planter who owned significant properties in Trelawny such as the famous Good Hope Estate. As you journey along, you will pass the famous residences of affluent and influential “Falmothians”such as the acclaimed poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning. You will also be transported through the longest street in Falmouth’s central business district to many historic sites. Prepare to mesmerized by the rich heritage of historic Georgian brick, wood and stone buildings. Many of which have been preserved since colonial times.  Our capable guides will not only provide a wealth of information about these historic structures, but they will also share exciting tidbits about Falmouth’s rich and famous.

When the trolley stops at the renowned St. Peter’s Anglican Church, the largest and oldest Anglican Church in Jamaica, you will have an opportunity to refresh yourself, purchase craft items or just interact with the locals.

As you make your way back, you will ride along the world famous Jamaican North Coast. Feel free to bask in our warm Caribbean sun. Relax and be caressed by the cool island breeze as you continue to explore Falmouth’s historic offerings.